Team RedCat TR-MT10E Brushless RC Monster Truck Run Videos 2S 3S

So I finally had a chance to run the Team RedCat MT-10E Monster truck! We went to Stone Mountain Park in Georgia for its first run.

Well what can I say? I like it A LOT.
Yes it is fast. Yes it handles well. Yes it looks great doing its thing. Test conditions were about 55 degrees, overcast and windy.

Durable I will see. I only ran it on an open field, but many a cart wheel and no damage what so ever. I think it will hold up well. I have seen other videos with extreme bashing, and the front bumper looks like it takes the brunt of the damage, but that seems to be the case with intentional "let's see if we can break it driving".
I think this truck is well worth the money. I can't seem to find anything with the build quality or attention to detail in this price range. Expect street price with free continental USA shipping around $299.99.!!!