Big Brother and the Deep State

So.....I am what most people would consider a conspiracy theorist. Upon first meeting me and conversing with me you would not know. Get to know me, and my views of the world we live in will start to resonate. Now conspiracy theorist used to conjure up pictures of one literally wearing a tin foil hat to prevent mind control. Nowadays it is not such a negative label as most of these theories end up being proven true.

I bring this up only to point out I now have less and less traffic on my website and store because I dare put the tag line Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of RC Happiness. Apparently the internet Gods or Bots  deem this  rhetoric as anti-establishment and a threat to society. I say to those who think this is a conspiracy theory to wake up. If nobody cares, I get it. Who wants to believe Google would be so petty or so evil?

Till next happens to you.