Our project Tamiya TT02 58639 AMG GT....Traxxas 4TEC 2.0 Challenger!

 Below is what will be my alternative to the Traxxas Ford GT.

This is coming my way from Tower Hobbies. Sell price $122.99. Super Saver Club Special $119.99. Minus $15.00 Club coupon. Tamiya TT02 #58639 AMG GT for $104.99 delivered to my door! If you shop Tower Hobbies, BECOME A SUPER SAVER CLUB MEMBER!

I ordered a set of bearings on Ebay.

I specifically chose this kit because I love the detail of this body! The TT02 chassis is one of Tamiya's most basic touring chassis. Little tweaks over the years from their TT01 and TT01E make this Tamiya's latest iteration of thier budget friendly 4WD touring chassis.

My build will first be "stock". I want to see just how bad? it handles without oil filled shocks, and how slow? it is with stock 540 motor.

Then the upgrades will begin. I hope to find a budget friendly brushless motor that is compatible with the stock ESC, and then make a decision regarding the suspension and any upgrades it may need.