Traxxas 4TEC 2.0 Ford GT Super HYPED?

Yes I am questioning the hype. I was hoping for some breath taking innovative design. But here we have standard issue 4WD touring car! With shaft drive, battery to the side, electronics on the other; does anyone remember the Associated TC3? ...what about the Tamiya TT02?

A superb marketing campaign that Traxxas has undertaken. Beautiful web pages with glossy images of the new licensed Ford GT, and their take on what makes the shaft drive chassis they are touting as the next coming of Jesus. Oh and the unboxings... "pre-production" units at a HobbyTown  taunting us on YouTube. So the hype is good! It made me report my rant here on my blog! I rarely go and write anything about Traxxas.

Can the new Traxxas 4TEC 2.0 save on road? Traxxas wants bashers to be running this car on the streets in neighborhood cul de sacs. I hope this rejuvenates interest in RC touring cars. I don't care if  a bunch of Traxxas fanboys accomplish this.