Project Tamiya TT-02 Mercedes AMG-GT continued

Started the paint and sticker procedure today for the body. Tamiya wants one to paint the body with a variety of colors. I am doing a one color one masking paint scheme. My local HobbyTown didn't have Tamiya PS-63 Grey...I went with a can of Duratrax Poly-carbonate paint in Gun Metal Grey. I think my one color paint job will be fine with the sticker pack that is included. I usually don't paint my rear spoilers. I tend to keep them clear and apply stickers to them. Sorta my signature style, and it is easier. Plus I find the clear rear spoiler tends to not be overbearing to the rest of the car body. I wish I had kept the spoiler clear on my TT-02B buggy....

I took picture of can of paint so people can reference what color I used...I get asked that a bunch for my models I blog about..

Inside view of raw body with masking and paint. Still needs to be cut and trimmed plus decals applied. I washed the inside of the body with dish soap and warm water. This helps get any release compound off for better paint adhesion.