Project TT-02 Tamiya 58639 Mercedes AMG-GT progress

Hello folks and ardent followers! So I won't bore you with but 3 pictures of our "base" TT-02 chassis. Yes, I fully expect to be disappointed with stock silver can 540 motor and pogo stick spring - shocks, but I have to try it this way and I will include a YouTube video in my next post. Next is painting and decaling the body...ugh. Frankly not looking forward to that.

The chassis took basically two nights worth of work, went together easily, and I highly recommend building it from the ground up with optional ball bearings ( I did ). Only "mod" besides the bearings was installing a Deans Ultra t-plug compatible connector on the ESC and installing our HiPowerRC tires that come pre-glued. You can buy them here while they are in stock: