So how much $ does it cost to get a Tamiya TT02 kit Running?

Many folks are concerned about the cost of building a kit. They have been conditioned to buy RTR cars because that is what is being pushed by the industry...and it is what sells.

Let's break down the total cost to get a Tamiya TT02 kit running with stock electronics, motor, with ball bearings and a painted body:

  1. TT02 Kit (AMG-GT purchased from Tower Hobbies) :$104.99
  2. Tactic 2.4GHZ Radio System: $49.99
  3. Ball Bearing Kit: $18.00
  4. Paint: $8.49
  5. Tire Glue: $5.99
  6. Steering Servo ($6-$20 average): Futaba s3003 standard servo: $10.99
  7. Battery Pack ($14-$35 average) : 6C 2000mah NiMH Duratrax: $14.99
  8.  Battery Charger ($20-$50): Thunder AC6 from  $48.99
Total for this build: $262.39 this excludes any small tools or hardware type items one may need.

To be fair...I already had invested in a battery charger years ago...shoot I have at least three sitting around. My favorite is my trusty Thunder AC6 I bought probably over 5 years ago. If we exclude the battery charger and battery pack, we are looking at a build cost just below $200. If we take out the radio system and servo...two items I transfered from another vehicle I had no interest in running anymore...we can see how a Tamiya kit can be a fun, inexpensive kit build. Frankly my cost was $131.48. Battery pack price will vary as well. With stock motor and electronics, Tamiya kits lend themselves to being powered by cheap NiCad or NiMh packs. Even LiPo packs don't need to be high spec units. 20C 2C packs will provide plenty of power. Anything more is overkill and no performance gain would be realized. 2000mah packs will give about a 15-20 minute runtime, and frankly the motor will get hot with prolonged use over that a short break between runs is suggested. 

Now I will say this: The RedCat Racing Lightning BRUSHLESS RTR car will SMOKE this on performance and price. I believe one can purchase this great RTR model for about $209.99. It all depends what one is looking for in this hobby. I LOVE Tamiya kits because they have character, and are detailed models. I ALSO like the RedCat Racing Lightning because it is FAST right out of the box. I also enjoy building kits. And the Tamiya kits are a fun build, and are durable machines if one doesn't go overkill with the power mods. I usually install a Hobbywing brushless system (13T 380 finned motor) in my Tamiya kits with no issues that provide speeds 30 MPH plus.