Tamiya #58639 TT02 Mercedes-AMG GT3 unboxing & Traxxas Ford GT rant

Hello fellow Tamiya fans...well I finally bought a TT02 chassis kit. What prompted me to purchase this kit was the literal gushing over the newly released Traxxas 4Tec 2.0 Ford GT by the RC mainstream media...i.e. Traxxas's advertising wing.

I have NOTHING against Traxxas. I even like some of their offerings...but really? The Ford GT body looks OK. The chassis is hardly remarkable. The 12T Titan motor lives on....I hope that if anything, Traxxas is able to revive the touring car segment. Let's face it...bashing is what drives the current RC market, not racing. I hope Traxxas is on the right track!

So I bought the Tamiya AMG GT3 kit and will build it within the next week or so...In the meantime check out our little unboxing video! Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thank you!