Traxxas 4Tec Ford GT or Tamiya TT02?


Well I've seen the Traxxas Ford GT in actual pics and videos...not the "enhanced" Traxxas pic you see above. It really is not that impressive a body. ANY Tamiya body is more detailed. The AMG GT is just one example that crushes the Traxxas for detail. I'm waiting for the WRX Nuremberg model from Tamiya. That looks good too. 
As for the Traxxas chassis; that looks good. Well designed for a RTR with standard ball bearings and oil filled shocks. IT IS NICE. REVOLUTIONARY. NO. 
But one could find a more equipped Tamiya chassis such as the TT02 Type S #58600 $164.99 at Tower Hobbies:

Featured Components:
  • 3mm thick Front/Rear FRP Damper Stays (NEW part)
  • Metal Suspension Mounts (NEW part)
  • Item 51297 Reversible Suspension Arms (Long)
  • CVA Oil Shocks
  • Turnbuckle Shaft Front/Rear Upper Arms
  • Turnbuckle Shaft Steering Tie-Rods
  • Type 540 Torque Tuned Motor
  • Item 51023 Medium-Narrow Racing Radial Tires
  • Metal Cup Joints Metal Drive Shafts
  • Die Cast Aluminum Hex Wheel Hubs

  • Now one would also have to purchase a body. Price and performance is definitely in Traxxas's favor. I just can't pull the trigger on one. I am not a fan of the 200mm body size. I prefer the 190mm. It seems to have a better chance of scale-ism.

    I had a Traxxas Slash and basically sold it within days of ownership. It just had no soul. I know it is just a hunk of plastic...but I swear some RC vehicles have a soul. The Slash had NONE.

    I am biased. I like the Tamiya models. I am also not ignorant. For Traxxas to come out with an updated 4Tec, I am very pleased. They had balls to do so considering the tame market for touring cars. Hope maybe they can raise the tide for all the other manufacturers that have offerings in this segment.