ITEM # 9115153 OUT OF STOCK. My Tamiya TT02B Plasma Edge II Buggy DOWN and OUT!

So...if you have been reading my blog or watching some of my YouTube videos...what happened to my TT02B buggy? The Plasma Edge II...with those Stagger Block tires you rave it sold? NOPE!

I hit a curb and bent one of the front axles! So.......WHY DON'T I REPLACE IT? Well, right now to do that I HAVE TO BUY A COMPLETE KIT!

The parts are out of stock. I see some UK Ebay sellers have it. Tamiya is SOLD OUT. Tower Hobbies DOESNT EVEN LIST THAT PART NUMBER! UGH!

Tamiya Item # 9115153 "N" parts 58340 for TT02B Buggy

So I am on a notification list for the parts from Tamiya. However, they have been out of stock for a while.
I like this buggy, but I can't run it. I am kinda disappointed....


  1. this is same N parts tree for the DT-02 buggies. i found it on for 9 bucks. rcmart also has it for about 12 bucks shipped from hong kong.

  2. Parts just came into stock w Tamiya and I just ordered . Thanks!


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