Tamiya AMG GT with Tamiya Sport Tuned Motor (Tamiya Black Motor) Run Video

Hello everyone. It has been a while. I had an impromptu trip to make for work and family, so I was away from my RC vehicles for TWO weeks. Thankfully everything is OK and back to making videos and updating my blog.

So I finally had a chance to install the Tamiya RS-540 Sport Tuned Motor. As one will see in the video, it does provide more top end speed. It is not "broken in" yet, and I ran it with a RedCat Racing NiMh 2000mah 7.2V 6 cell stick pack that I had charged a few days ago. I am sure I can squeeze another 1 to 2 MPH with either a LiPo or freshly peak charged NiCad or NiMh pack! Regardless, this motor is more for nostalgia than outright performance. It does provide more speed, but at $27.99 retail from Tower Hobbies, there are more economical choices of either brushed power plants or even Brushless options. I like the motor though, and when Tamiya kits came with either the stock RS-540 Mabuchi or equivalent Johnson motors, the Tamiya "black" sport tuned was a huge improvement. Now that Tamiya is including their "Torque Tuned" motors in most of their kits, the performance improvement is still quite noticeable but not as dramatic. You decide. I have both videos below, Stock and w/Tamiya Sport Tuned.