Tamiya M-07 Concept chassis COMING SOON WITH PICS!

The Tamiya M-07 "Concept" is finally listed as "coming soon" on Tamiya's USA website! This looks to be a promising M-Chassis! Much more of a deviation from the previous M-03 and rather boring M-05 iteration. This definitely follows the design ques of the TA-07 Pro Touring car chassis with its "space frame" like construction. I am cautiously optimistic that this chassis may bring the M class back to life. As a fan of the M03 and M02 chassis, I was somewhat disappointed with the M-05 chassis as it lost some of its character...more of a lifeless "upgrade" where this all new model shows a positive change in design with an ability to accept square edged battery packs.  

Description from the Tamiya website:

"The Tamiya M-Chassis platform has been around since the early 1990’s. Now in its 7th generation, the M-07 Concept is a significant evolution from its predecessors. Designed by the same designer who brought the TA-07 Pro Touring Car chassis to life, this chassis takes a number of design cues from Tamiya’s touring car models and features a largely changed design from its numeric predecessors."