Tamiya TT02 Brushed Sport Tuned, Stock ESC on 3S

Here it is...the great 3S LiPo experiment. The stock ESC can handle 3S power and a mild brushed motor like the Tamiya Sport Tuned....for a few minutes. It starts to get hot, as does the motor, when used for prolonged periods. It is a hell of a lot of fun. Using a 3S LiPo in place of a 2S lipo or a 6 cell NiMh pack will result in 50% faster top speed with acceleration to match.
Tamiya TT02 on 3S with stock ESC and a Tamiya Sport Tuned motor. I had to use rubber bands to secure the LiPo as it was too tall for the stock battery cross member to be fitted. 

I just can't recommend it. Not that I had any thermal events, but I know enough that the brushes won't last long, nor will the magnets retain their strength by overheating the motor. The ESC heat sink was also getting pretty hot after a 7 minute run. BUT YES IT IS WAY FASTER! Check out our video here: