Tamiya TT02 w HobbyWing Brushless 13T 3000KV motor +35A ESC

The Tamiya TT02 Touring car is becoming one of my favorite "go to" drivers in my RC fleet. It is super rugged and reliable, and aside from ball bearings, I have yet to modify it except for the installation of the Tamiya Sport Tuned Motor.
Today I installed a HobbyWing Brushless ESC and Motor. The ESC is rated for 35A and the motor is a "finned" 380 can 13T 3000KV motor. Both are perfectly suited for the light weight TT02 chassis. With a 4200mah HiPowerRC 2S LiPo, this car bolts to a top speed about 3 or 4 MPH faster than the Sport Tuned motor could muster. All the while spinning tires with ease, and not overheating either the motor or ESC. Check out our videos.