RedCat Racing Blackout XTE Brushed mini review

The RedCat Racing Blackout series of trucks and buggies has been out for a few years now. They come in brushed or brushless Pro guise.

I happened upon a great deal from RedCat Racing "scratch and dent" section for dealers and bought a few Blackout XTE brushed models. Aside from the factory shipping them with Deans type t-plugs rather than their standard RedCat banana plugs, these are all brand new in the box. I am parting out some for sale on Ebay, and I retained one for myself as a runner.

First out of the box impressions is that the model is well built and looks capable with 4WD and tall ground clearance. The stock 3000mah NiMH battery pack is secured in the model rather well with not only a battery bar, but a velcro strap. These come with a standard 2.4 Ghz 2 channel pistol grip that most RedCat racing customers are all too familiar with, and requires 8 AA cells.

Three things I found wrong...
One...the receiver was not bound to the transmitter. Followed instructions and all ok.
Two...the wheels are somewhat warped causing vibration. I should say they are noticeably warped. "trim" out the steering required full lock on the trim knob. I ended up repositioning servo horn/saver on the servo.

Otherwise, all was good. It runs pretty well with just the stock 550 motor. Didn't have any issues with radio range or glitching and the steering servo is adequate.

All in all for a CHEAP RTR it is quite a deal. I believe street pricing is $139. Parts are readily available online and the truck looks good too. Check out my run videos below: